Sara Teen Librarian

I'm a librarian and would love to start keep track of my readings virtually :) My blog descriptions may give away spoilers, as I will be writing them to help ME remember what happened in the book.

Unchained - L.B. Tillit

TJ lives with his drug addicted parents, feeling no love and hardly being touched. When dad dies, he is placed into protective services. At first, Miss Dixie's is a scary new place and hard to adjust to. He eventually makes friends and after two years of living with home cooked meals and a safe place to sleep, TJ is told he must return home to his clean mother. He gets kicked out every night so she can bring home a different guy. He gets in trouble with the local gang again -- getting beat, beating, pushing drugs, earning his chain links tattoo. When a drive-by occurs at the gang house and the leader is killed along with some members, TJ takes this opportunity to get out. His mom and his case worker do not stand in his way, he returns to Miss Dixie, Mae, and Annabelle. Back Home.