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I'm a librarian and would love to start keep track of my readings virtually :) My blog descriptions may give away spoilers, as I will be writing them to help ME remember what happened in the book.

Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong -

I love Faith Erin Hick's drawings and am bound to read anything by her! This story is about a robot competition vs. cheerleaders and how they end up working together. First the two groups battle each other for the funding, then they decide to work together, and with this they come in 2nd place with enough money for both groups to get what they want. Light, fun, and great drawings. An easy Sunday read :)

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Girl in the Blue Coat
Monica Hesse
#NotYourPrincess: Voices of Native American Women
Lisa Charleyboy, Clive Leatherdale
No Saints in Kansas
Jean Brashear