Sara Teen Librarian

I'm a librarian and would love to start keep track of my readings virtually :) My blog descriptions may give away spoilers, as I will be writing them to help ME remember what happened in the book.

When You Were Here - Daisy Whitney

Danny's mother passes away right before graduation, the day she was holding on for. She fought cancer for 5 years. Confused, lost, and alone, Danny tries to figure out why she didn't hold on and how he will ever be happy again. With a father that died six years ago and an adopted sister exploring her roots in China, Danny is at the hands of his mom's best friend. When he has to figure out what to do with his mother's belongings, including the apartment in Toyko, he decides to visit over there and see if he can find answers. She visited there frequently for treatments with "the last great hope" doctor - the guy that was supposed to save her.


Toyko provides Danny with a new best friend, a shocking surprise, and answers to how his mom enjoyed the remainder of her life.