Sara Teen Librarian

I'm a librarian and would love to start keep track of my readings virtually :) My blog descriptions may give away spoilers, as I will be writing them to help ME remember what happened in the book.

The Running Dream - Wendelin Van Draanen

Jessica's track team is in an accident which causes their teammate, Lucy, to die and Jessica to lose a leg. After many hard trials and wishing she was the one to die, Jessica overcomes her own odds -- gains strength and determination. She slowly improves on crutches and goes back to school. She learns to walk with her new temporary leg. Her teammates and coach convince her she can run again -- they raise $20,000 for her running leg with the help of an "anonymous" donor. She gets tutored in math by Rosa who has cerebral palsy. Rosa really helps Jessica build her determination. Jessica gets her running leg and is determined to help Rosa be seen -- past her condition. She trains for weeks pushing a wheelchair with sandbags. Rosa, Jessica, and members of "Team Rosa" gear up and complete a 10 mile race with Jessica pushing Rosa the whole time. Rosa gets to feel the wind in her hair, gets to know what running feels like, and gets to cross the finish line. This marks Jessica's new starting line.


AMAZING!! So touching and inspirational!!